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Tri-County Pee Wee Rodeo results

August 20, 2013

Plenty of youngsters and horses took part in this year's Tri-County Rodeo at the Clayton Fairgrounds earlier this month.

At Clayton Fairgrounds
Top performer β€” Brooke House (Springdale)
Barrel racing β€” 1, Brooke House. 2, Aiden Williams (Nine Mile Falls). 3, Lainey Schweiger (Deer Park).
Goat tail untying β€” 1, Hesston Jacobsen (Chattaroy). 2, Lainey Schweiger. 3, Taylor MacArthur (Deer Park).
Cal stake β€” 1, Louden Zwarg (Newport). 2, Taylor MacArthur. 3, Brooke House.
Mutton bustin’ β€” 1, Elizabeth Faust (Clayton). 2, Samantha Fausti (Clayton). 3, Grace Dixon (Springdale).
Top bale head roping β€” Louden Zwarg.

Top performer β€” Duken Hansen (Newman Lake)
Barrel racing β€” 1, Duke Hansen.
Goat tail tying β€” 1, Duke Hansen. 2, Tanner Sellers (Clayton).
Pole bending β€” 1, Duke Hansen.
Calf riding β€” 1, Jacob Fausti (Clayton). 2, Ethan Richardson (Deer Park). 3, Anthony Chambers (Clayton).
Pony bareback β€” 1, Anthony Chambers.

Top performer β€” Ally Jones (Newport).
Barrel racing β€” 1, Ally Jones. 2, Peach Westman (Clayton). 3, Jolena Naccarato (Clayton).
Goat tail tying β€” 1, Arneth Beck (Deer Park). 2, Haley Pfau (Otis Orchards). 3, Tania Perez (Colbert).
Top bale head roper β€” Peach Westman.

Top performer β€” Hubba Haggerty (Clayton).
Barrel racing β€” 1, Hubba Haggerty. 2, Tait Lyle (Spokane). 3, Chase Colburn (Elk).
Goat tying β€” 1, Chase Colburn. 2, Nolan Burrill (Mead).
Pole bending β€” 1, Justin Schliep (Deer Park). 2, Hubba Haggerty. 3, Nolan Burrill.
Calf riding β€” 1, Hubba Haggerty. 2, Nolan Burrill. 3, Tait Lyle.
Bareback riding β€” 1, Hubba Haggerty. 2, Devin Chambers (Deer Park).
Top bale head roper β€” Nolan Burrill.

Top performer β€” Bailey Nachtigal (Davenport).
Barrel racing β€” 1, Carly Oman (Chewelah). 2, Amelia Bast (Loon Lake). 3, Sammie Merriott (Espanola).
Goat tying β€” 1, Makenly Davis (Oldtown, Idaho). 2, Amelia Bast. 3, Bailey Lyle (Spokane).
Pole bending β€” 1, Bailey Nachtigal. 1, Carly Oman. 3, Bailey Lyle.
Calf riding β€” 1, Bailey Lyle. 2, Bailey Nachtigal. 3, Bailey Merriott.
Bareback riding β€” 1, Jessica Gleason (Oldtown, Idaho).
Steer daubing β€” 1, Christy Saccamanno (Deer Park). 2, Faith Jones (Newport). 3, Jessica Gleason.

Top performer β€” Kevin Minden (Deer Park).
Barrel racing β€” 1, Kevin Minden.
Pole bending β€” 1, Kevin Minden.
Calf riding β€” 1, Tyler Uherek (Clayton). 2, Kevin Minden.
Bareback riding β€” 1, Kevin Minden. 2, Tyler Uherek.
Top bale head roper β€” Tyler Uherek.

Top performer β€” Madison Brown (Colbert).
Barrel racing β€” 1, Shawna Sangren. 2, Madison Brown (Colbert). 3, Jessica Ashley (Loon Lake).
Goat tying β€” 1, Tonya Ballman (Deer Park). 2, Madison Brown. 3, Jessica Ashley.
Pole bending β€” 1, Madison Brown. 2, Shawna Sangren. 3, Karri Gallant (Loon Lake).
Bareback riding β€” 1, Cheneen Schliep (Deer Park).

Top overall performers β€” Duke Hansen (juniors), Hubba Haggerty (seniors), Kevin Minden (broncs).

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