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April 14, 2014

Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and start walking, but don’t be a knot head by walking with the traffic flow and wearing your earphones. Walking with the flow is bad enough for your safety but the blocking out of sound is just plain stupid.
Walk against the traffic flow so you can see what is coming your way. Exercise is good if you don’t get smashed like a bug doing something stupid out on your walk.
After a fifteen to thirty minute walk, move on to a short session, thirty minutes of strength training.
Alternate your days of lengthy cardio, 40-60 minutes, total throughout the entire day. It does not have to be all at once since three to five, 10-minute sessions each work well.
Add in lengthy strength training (up to 60 minutes all at once) sessions. Give yourself a one-day rest period between each type of exercise and then a two-day break on the weekends.
For example, during week one, do three days of either longer cardio or longer strength training. On the two other days, do short sessions, opposite of the long ones.
It will look like this:
• Week I: Monday (strength 60 minutes), Tuesday (cardio 30 minutes), Wednesday (strength, 60 minutes), Thursday (cardio, 30 minutes) and Friday (strength, 60 minutes).
• Week II: Monday (cardio 60 minutes), Tuesday (strength 30 minutes), Wednesday (cardio, 60 minutes), Thursady (strength, 30 minutes) and Friday (cardio, 60 minutes).
In this part of the program, you are adding to your lean muscle mass and increasing your strength with bodyweight exercises for the major muscle groups. These target some of the largest muscles of the body such as your shoulders, chest, back, abs, legs, and in some respects, your arms.
You can do this in your home or yard by starting out with a few lower body warm-up movements. Begin by swinging your legs forward, backward, and then side-to-side for 10-20 times each.
Now, if your lower back is up to it, do 10-15 good mornings. Finish with 20-30 bodyweight or extra weight squats within your range of motion but go at least to a chair.
If you look at some of the advice given on the internet, they want you to believe that a full squat is bad for your knees. If you only go to 90 degree how do you sit in a chair or go to the toilet? Are these activities bad for your knees? Obviously not, so why not train your legs to be able to do these natural motions?
Stay strong, and remain passionately committed to your hearts chosen path.
Danny O’Dell owns Explosivelyfit gym at Nine Mile Falls. To sign up for his Explosivelyfit Strength Training newsletter visit

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